Bare Die Attach

For applications with the greatest space restrictions, we have a long history of working with micro-assemblies utilizing flip chips and bare die attached wire bonded COB components.

Advanced interconnect via wire-bonding is a core competency of our company. utilizing gold (Au) or aluminum (Al) ultrasonic wedge bonding, our interconnect expertise with COB (chip-on-board) can be an integral part of meeting your complete assembly needs that include SMT, Through Hole and Imbedded components.

Turnkey or Consignment, let us build your Chip On Board Assemblies.

  • Manual and Automated Wire Bonding
  • Glob Top Encasulation
  • Damming
  • Underfill
  • Lead Frame and Header Attachment Hermetically Sealed
  • Ceramic and Glass-Epoxy Laminate (FR4, ISOLA) Hybrid Substrates
  • Custom Hybrid Assemblies Utilizing COB with SMT, Through Hole and Imbedded Components
  • Custom Micro Fixturing Electrical Test for Complete Verification of Final Product
  • Full or Partial Potting and Conformal Coating
  • Flex Circuits and Flex-Rigid Hybrids Available


We helped pioneer Chip On Board (COB) die on conventional PC board substrate in the 1970's. With the advent of surface mount technology passive components in small plastic packages became available and cost effective. COB rivals, and in many applications surpasses, the density of ceramic substrates since components can be economically placed on both sides of the board.

COB technology (bare silicon die) wire bonded directly to a printed circuit board and epoxy encapsulated can provide an economical approach to obtaining very high density circuit packaging. Many trade offs enable the most cost effective small package. The cost factors are: component cost, type of PC board substrate (factoring in temperature range, ruggedness, flexibility etc.), mix of die and passive components, and use of both sides of the board (reduction in total PC board material used).

We are capable of producing circuits utilizing the three predominant technologies of COB, SMT and through hole and can assist with all phases of production from design through final assembly.

We can be your partner building your COB assemblies.

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We are an ISO9001:2015 certified Contract Electronic Manufacturer (CEM) offering Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) of Wire Bond, Surface Mount (SMT), Custom Hybrid Chip On Board (COB), and Through Hole Electronic Assemblies. We do medical, military, industrial and commercial assemblies with ROHS or leaded solder processing. Choose from Consignment, Turnkey or Full Service Supply Chain Management with Kanban stocking of your assemblies. We have Fuji AimexIIs and Mydata pick and place equipment, MPM Momentum HiE Screen Printers, ACE Selective Solder for both ROHS and leaded product, Viscom AOI and Wave Solder. From chips down to 01005, BGA's and Flip Chips to Wiring, cables assemblies, Box Builds, Conformal Coating and Electrical Testing, we have the expertise, the capacity and the technical capabilities to do it all. CT MA RI NY NH